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East Stanislaus High School

Oakdale Joint Unified School District

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    OJUSD Schools will be closed beginning on Thursday March 19, 2020 and will be resuming on Monday May 4, 2020.

    Community of Oakdale,

    It is with great reservation that I announce that the OJUSD will work in coordination with the other school districts in Stanislaus County and be closing all schools at the conclusion of school on Wednesday 3/18/2020 in response to the coronavirus. There are many factors in play, but here are the facts. The dates of the OJUSD closure will be Thursday 3/19/2020 through Sunday 5/3/2020. School will resume on Monday 5/4/2020. The dates of this closure are two-fold. 1) Short-term school closures have proven ineffective in mitigating the virus. 2)These dates coincide with the dates of closure for the Stanislaus County Office of Education. The only staff that will be working are those that are deemed as essential for the continued operations of the OJUSD. Effective 3/19/2020 there will be no outside use of any OJUSD Facilities for the length of the closure. This includes athletics, performing arts and any other outside entity. This is an initial communication to keep us all updated on the very latest information. Additional information will follow as it becomes available.


    Marc Malone


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    Grading and Credit Policy

    We have six grading periods or blocks.  Each block is approximately 30 days in length. Block grades are final (they do not carry over to the next grading period). In all classes (other Independent Projects classes) student letter grades determine the number of credits earned in the following manner:

    A = 2.5 D = 1.0
    B = 2.0 F = 0.0
    C = 1.5  

    East Stanislaus students and families.  As we move into our first full week of school closure it is important to us that all families are receiving any support that our site may be able to deliver.  Please do not hesitate to contact teachers via email or myself with any questions or concerns. Enrichment activities are posted on our site to keep your students engaged as well as teachers are checking emails daily to address any needs you may have.  Please continue to be safe.

    Craig Redman


    East Stanislaus High School


    Enrichment Activies

    Enrichment Activities Posted 3/17/20

    Our School Mission

    It is the mission of East Stanislaus High School to provide an alternative academic curriculum which will maximize student success for graduation; in a safe and positive environment with supportive teachers who use the California State Standards and modern technology in an effort to help students become life long learners and adults who contribute positively to their community.

    Mindset Matters: Effort vs Intelligence

    The key to success? GRIT